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Play for All

Play for All provides free play sessions for disabled children and their families across Midlothian. Sessions are open to all disabled children, 0 to 13 years old, including children who are still waiting for a diagnosis.

We run both:

  • Group play sessions

  • 1:1 sessions in the family home or nearby park

You may also be interested in the information and links on our inclusive play page.

Group play sessions


Mini Club

  • For children aged 0-5 (though older siblings are welcome)

  • 10.15-11.15am Saturdays

  • One Dalkeith, 21 Eskdaill Court, Dalkeith, EH22 1AG

Mighty Club

  • For children aged 6-13 (though younger siblings are welcome)

  • 11.30am - 12.30pm Saturdays

  • One Dalkeith, 21 Eskdaill Court, Dalkeith, EH22 1AG

Both groups are for family play, so a parent/carer would attend with the child. Siblings are welcome too! Children will be able to use wide-ranging resources for their self-directed play, and meet other children. Parents will gain play ideas they can easily try out at home and meet other families. 


 To find out more or to book, please contact Jen on 07737 163 675 or by email. ​


1:1 play sessions


Sessions provide:

  • New ideas for play that your child will enjoy

  • Sensory play you can make at home, with things you already have in the cupboard

  • Easy strategies to help with things getting in the way of play

  • Tips for all-family play

One of our play specialists will plan activities to suit your child and family. During each session, we’ll have fun playing, get messy and be creative.

Each session lasts about an hour, and can take place in the family home, garden or a local park.

The sessions are completely free of charge and are arranged for when is convenient for you. You can choose how many sessions work best for your family, usually up to 10 in total.

To find out more or to book sessions, please contact Jen on 07737 163 675 or by email.

A parent shares their experience

“Before, it was really hard for me to figure out what sort of stuff I should use to give my children the opportunity to play safely and with sensory things. You gave me a lot of new ideas to work with my kids, especially sensory skills which have a deep impact on them. Your hard work and appearance with brand new ideas are just amazing.”

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